What Is Back Flip? Which Are Basic Types Of Back Flips?

Back Flip and It’s Basic Types:

An Acrobatic Flip/Back Flip or Gymnastic Flip is movement of body in which person leaps into the air and rotates one or more time while airborne. Acrobatic Flips/Back Flips are performed in gymnastic, FreeRunning, Parkour and various other activities and these are quietly impressive. This is also known as Back Tuck, Somi or Salto. Flips can be started from stationary, standing position and they are also commonly executed immediately following another rotational move, such as roundoff and handspring, so as to take advantage of the angular momentum developed in preceding move.

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Back Flip and It's Basic Types

4 Basic Types of Flip:

  1. Tuck: The knees are brought tight to chest in order to speed up rotation.
  2. Pike: Similar to Tuck but with knees kept straight. Not fast rotation.
  3. Layout: Hips are kept straight and back is arched.
  4. Wall Flip: Any type of Flip performed off a wall (or any other vertical obstacle, such as tree).

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3 Main and Basic Types of Back Flip:

Front Flip:

A Front Flip is movement which is used in FreeRunning and Tricking. The word “Front Flip” actually refers to many types of flips but Front Flip refers to flip that rotates forward. Front Flips have less use in Parkour but mostly used by FreeRunners and Trickers.

Back Flip and It's Basic Types

16 Basic Types of Front Flips:

  1. Front Tuck:
  2. Webster:
  3. Front Pike:
  4. Front Layout:
  5. Wall Front:
  6. Barani:
  7. Front Full:
  8. Rudy:
  9. Front Double Full:
  10. Gather Front:
  11. Double Front:
  12. Rayden:
  13. Devil Drop:
  14. Wall Inward Twist:
  15. Loser:
  16. Russian Front Flip:

Side Flip:

A Side Flip or Sideflip is a type of fliping. It is mostly used in Parkour, Free Running or Tricking. It is similar to sideways roll.

Back Flip and It's Basic Types

6 Basic Types of Side Flip:

  1. Double Leg:
  2. Tunnel Flip:
  3. Double Side Flip:
  4. Inward Wall Side Flip:
  5. Outward Wall Side Flip:
  6. Webster Side Flip:

Back Flip:

A Back Flip is a movement used in FreeRunning and Parkour. The word “Backflip” actually refers to many types of flips, but Backflip refers to flip that rotates backward. Back Flip have less use in Parkour but mostly used by FreeRunners and Trickers.

Back Flip and It's Basic Types

30 Basic Types of Back Flip:

  1. Back Tuck:
  2. Back Pike:
  3. Back Layout:
  4. X-Out:
  5. Back Half:
  6. Back Full:
  7. Back 540:
  8. Back Double Full:
  9. Back 900:
  10. Back Triple Full:
  11. Flash Kick:
  12. Gainer:
  13. Double Back:
  14. Kick The Moon:
  15. Flyaway:
  16. Castaway Back:
  17. Kumquat:
  18. Wall Flip:
  19. Two Step Wall Flip:
  20. WallFlash:
  21. Wall Layout:
  22. PalmFlip:
  23. Angel Drop:
  24. Waffle:
  25. Flyaway Twist:
  26. Kong Gainer:
  27. One Leg Back:
  28. Grand Master Swipe:
  29. Corkscrew:
  30. Double Layouts:

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