The Longest Side Flip – Parkour World Record

Longest Sideflip Parkour World Record:

The longest Side Flip for Parkour World Record was achieved by Jacob Major (USA). Total length of the Flip was 5.719 meters (19 feet). This challenge was held at Indian River, USA, on 13 May 2015.

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Longest Sideflip Parkour World Record

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An acrobatic flip is movement of body in which person leaps into the air and and rotates one or more time while airborne. A Side Flip or Sideflip is a type of fliping. It is mostly used in Parkour, Free Running or Tricking. It is similar to sideways roll.

Flips can be started from stationary, standing position and they are also commonly executed immediately following another rotational move, such as roundoff and handspring, so as to take advantage of the angular momentum developed in preceding move.

Longest Sideflip Parkour World Record:

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