Parkour Mod For GTA San Andreas

Parkour Mod For GTA San Andreas:

Parkour Mod for GTA San Andreas v2.0.4 contains 65 tricks. Before I tell you about first let me tell you little more about GTA Series history. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open world action adventure game was developed and released by RockStar Games. First part of this game was released on 26 October 2004. It is 7th title in Grand Theft Auto Series. First main entry was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City it was released same day as handheld game Grand Theft Auto Advance. First of all versions of this game was released to play only on Play Station 2, Microsoft Windows and Xbox. After collecting so much popularity now this game you can play on various platforms like: OSX, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Fire OS.

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Parkour Mod For GTA San Andreas

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Parkour Mod For GTA San Andreas:

Management Mod Parkour:

– when landing with a small height you drop

-X – roll is performed from any position

-Z – roll back is performed from any position


1 – backflip

2 – frontflip

3 – sideflip

4 – gainer

5 – folha

6 – cork

7 – webster

8 – fulltwist

9 – round off flashkick

0 – backhandspring

t – backhandspring + backflip

y – palmflip

u – wallflip

i – cork + folha

o – popup layout

p – jump and dive

g – frontflip + aerial + fulltwist

h – handstand

j – backhandspring + backhandspring + backhandspring + fulltwist + backflip + fulltwist + fulltwist + backflip

k – backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backhandspring + flashkick

l – backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backflip + backflip + backflip

b – wall sideflip

n – wall frontflip

m – backspring

, – aerial

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All Parkour and FreeRunning tricks can be applied with any height and the animation of the game will not interrupt. Free Download the Parkour Mod For GTA San Andreas with automatic installation in zip file from below.

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