Longest Standing Jump Between 2 Objects – Parkour World Record

Longest Standing Jump Parkour World Record:

The longest standing jump between two objects for Parkour World Record was achieved by Lorenz Wetscher (Parkour Pro from Austria). This record show was attempted on FIBO Trade Show, on April 12, 2015. The total distance between two objects was 3.15 meters (10 feet 4 inches).

Official Link: Guinness World Record

Longest Standing Jump Parkour World Record

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Leaping or Jumping is form of motion or movement in which an organism or non-living mechanical system propels itself through the air along the ballistic trajectory. Jumping can be recognized from running, galloping and other gaits where entire body temporarily airborne by almost long duration of aerial phase or high angle initial launch. Checkout: Which Equipment Are Needed For Parkour Training?

There was no official video of Guinness World Record of this record attempt so I am sharing the other video of GWR the type of the record is same but in this video 2 Swiss Ball has been used expect the objects. So I apologize for this 😉 🙂

Longest Standing Jump Parkour World Record:

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