Longest Distance Lache Between 2 Bars – Parkour World Record

Longest Distance Swing/Lache Parkour World Record:

The longest distance swing/lache between 2 bars for Parkour World Record is achieved by James Stokes (Parkour Pro from UK). The total distance between two bars was 3.2 meters (10 feet, 5 inches) and in this record winning attempt James used 2 standard scaffold poles. This challenge was held in Parkour Park, Chineham, Hampshire, UK, on 8 September 2010. James is a member of  Pro Parkour Team 3RUN.

Official Link: Guinness World Records.

3RUN Official YouTube Channel: 3RUNTUBE

Longest Distance Swing/Lache Parkour World Record

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Swinging/Lache & Cat Leap:

A Swing Jump or Swinging is activity that is performed by hanging on bar then to jump on another bar being in the air. A swing jumps is one bar to another. It is also known as LACHE. And Cat Leap jump for a distance to go into Cat Grab (climbing on a object in squat position).

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There was no official video of Guinness World Record of this record attempt so I am sharing the other video of GWR the type of the record is same but the video is about farthest cat lache from a bar to wall. So I apologize for this 😉 🙂

Longest Distance Swing/Lache Parkour World Record:

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