Longest Distance Double Kong Vault Between 2 Objects – Parkour World Record

Longest Distance Double Kong Parkour World Record:

The longest distance Double Kong Vault for Parkour World Record was achieved by Toby Segar (from UK). The total distance between the two objects to do vault was 4.00 meters (13 feet 1.48 inches). This record achieving show was held at the set of “Officially Amazing” at NDGA Gymnastic Club in Tunbrige Wells, UK, on 15 August 2014.

Official Link: Guinness World Records.

Official YouTube Channel: Toby Segar

Longest Distance Double Kong Parkour World Record

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A Vault (Urban Movement) is a movement that include overcoming an obstacle by jumping, leaping, climbing or diving over an obstacle while using their feet, hand or not touching it at all. Read full topic: Types Of Vault In ParkourDouble Kong Vault is a diving Kong Vault with a Monkey Vault going into the move so that hands are placed twice on the object. Also Read about: Types Of FreeRunning Vaults.

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There was no official video of Guinness World Record of this record attempt so I am sharing the other video of GWR the type of the record is same but the video is about fastest Double Kong over 10 obstacles. So I apologize for this 😉 🙂

Longest Distance Double Kong Parkour World Record:

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