Brief and Basic History of Parkour

History of Parkour:

Georges Hebert:

The History of Parkour is very old. Before World War I a French freerunner of Parkour Georges Hebert promoted an athletic skill based on models on old tribes (he met in Africa). He noted that “body was splendid, flexible, nimble, skillful, enduring and resistant.” Hebert became physical tutor at the college of Reims in France. Hebert set up a “methode naturelle” (natural method) consisting ten basic steps: Walking, Running, Jumping, Quadrupedal Movement, Climbing, Balancing, Throwing, Lifting, Self-Defense, Swimming. These were planned to develop “three main forces”: energetic, moral and physical. During the World War I and World War II this teaching continued to expand and becoming the Standard System of French Military education and training. Inspired by Hebert, a Swiss architect developed a “parcours du combattant” -Military Obstacle Course- the first of the courses that are now Standard in Military Training.

History Of Parkour

Raymond and David Belle: 

Raymond Belle was born in 1939 in Vietnam. He was the son of French Doctor and Vietnamese Mother. His father died during Indochina War and he got separated from his mother and sent to Military Orphanage at age of 7 years old. He took himself to train harder and longer not be a victim. In nights, when everyone was asleep, he started going outside and climbing trees. He started to use Military Obstacle Course in secret and created courses of his experiments in endurance, strength and flexibility.

Raymond’s son David Belle was born in 1973. He experimented with gymnastic and athletics. As he became elder he started reading newspaper clippings that told him about his father exploits. With conversation to his father, he realized that he really wanted to develop the skills that are useful in life. After conversation, David learned that way of training called “Parcours“. David learned from his father that this training was not a game but something different and vital to protect and survive the people he cares and himself. David realize that the wast thing he was searching about and started the training same way. David Belle is considered the founder of Parkour.

The Yamakasi:

David Belle originally trained on his own. After moving to Lisses  France he found other young men (including his cousins) who had similar desires and they started to train together. The group finally included David Belle, Sebastien Foucan, Chau Belle Dinh, Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi, Guylain N’Guba Boyeke, Malik Diouf and Charles Perriere. The Group of Parkour Practitioners is called The Yamakasi.

History of Parkour

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