Highest Wall Assisted Backflip – Parkour World Record

Highest Backflip Parkour World Record:

2 Parkour Pros Amadei Weiland (also known as urbanamadei is Professional Stuntman from Germany and he is 28 years old) and David Fanelli (extreme FreeRunner from Italy and he is 21 years old) both setup the new Parkour World Record for Highest Wall Assisted Backflip on Nov. 11. 2016. Amadei and David managed to complete and insane 3.40 meters (11ft 1.86 inches) high backflip by running up on the wall, kicking off and landing on feet. They both stopped at 3.40 meters. They both faces the falls but Parkour Fans determined to preserve and they take title.

Highest Wall Assisted Backflip - Parkour World Record

The officials says that the backflip must be over the bar without touching the back and or knocking it off. Both stuntmen done the stunts without any hesitation and setup the world record. According to The Guinness World Record Italian Show this record was recently broken by Li Xingnan from China on the set of special show in Beijing staggering a 3.70 meters wall-assisted backflip.


Back Flip is a movement used in FreeRunning and Parkour. The word “Backflip” actually refers to many types of flips, but Backflip refers to flip that rotates backward. Backflip have very little use in Parkour Moves and in Parkour Training but it is commonly used by FreeRunners.

Flips can be started from stationary, standing position and they are also commonly executed immediately following another rotational move, such as roundoff and handspring, so as to take advantage of the angular momentum developed in preceding move.

Highest Backflip Parkour World Record:

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