Fastest Time To Descend Fifty Steps Walking On Hands – Parkour World Record

Fastest Time To Descend 50 Steps Parkour World Record:

Kevin Delco (Parkour instructor from Switzerland) set himself for the challenge for achieving a Guinness World Records title for his extraordinary when he was 18, and now he holds the Parkour World Record for fastest time to descend fifty steps walking on hands.

On the out-door co-filming CCTV-Guinness World Records Special Show in Yichun, Jiangxi, China, Kevin Delco traveled down the 50 steps rapidly 14.58 seconds. The opposite strong athlete was Huang Zhongyu from China, who traveled down in slower time 30.14 seconds.

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Fastest Time To Descend 50 Steps Parkour World Record

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Kevin Delco, who learned to walk on hands at the age of just nine years old, is currently Parkour Teacher in Switzerland.

Walking On Hands/Hand Walking:

Hand Walking is an unusual form of human body, in which a person travels vertically invented position with all body weight resting on the hands. It can be executed by with legs fully extended or with variations such as straddle or front splits. Hand walking is performed in various athletic activities.

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Fastest Time To Descend 50 Steps Parkour World Record:

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