Fastest Double Kong Over 10 Obstacles – Parkour World Record

Fastest Double Kong Parkour World Record:

3 specialist in FreeRunning from UK go head-to-head for the record of fastest time to Double Kong Vault over 10 obstacles in five pairs for Parkour World Record. The winner of the demanding challenge was Vjaceslavs Petins from Latvia who secured the new record in an incredible time 6.37 seconds. The obstacles were arranged in pairs, 5 Double Kong were performed totally, since one Double Kong clears 2 obstacles.

Fastest Double Kong Parkour World Record

This competition was performed in The Guinness World Record Italian Show where these 3 Parkour pros recorded the FreeRunning challenge.


A Vault (Urban Movement) is a movement that include overcoming an obstacle by jumping, leaping, climbing or diving over an obstacle while using their feet, hand or not touching it at all. Read full topic: Types Of Vault In ParkourDouble Kong Vault is a diving Kong Vault with a Monkey Vault going into the move so that hands are placed twice on the object. Read about: Types Of FreeRunning Vaults.

Fastest Double Kong Parkour World Record:

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