Farthest Distance Wall Running – Parkour World Record

Farthest Distance Wall Run Parkour World Record:

Amadei Weiland (also known as urbanamadei is Professional Stuntman from Germany and he is 28 years old) achieved a record of farthest distance wall running Parkour World Record on the set of Guinness World Records 13 July 2012. The total distance was 3.49 meters (11 feet 5.4 inches).  Official YouTube Channel.

Farthest Distance Wall Run Parkour World Record

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Wall Run:

The Wall Run is widely used movement in Parkour used to get over a wall too high for a vault. It is also used in FreeRunning. Other definition of Wall Run is: an upward run up a wall or along a wall in parallel motion to the ground. Wall Running occurs when a player runs along a straight wall (either normally or Free Running) while in contact with it. The player will be accelerated to a speed that is greater then normally attainable.

The wall running is triggered when: 1) The player is running north along a north-south wall or running east along an east-west wall. 2) The player’s northbound or eastbound speed exceeds a specific threshold. 3) The player is moving against the wall in order to slide alongside it, without loosing momentum in the northbound or eastbound location.

Farthest Distance Wall Run Parkour World Record:

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