Farthest Cat Leap (Bar To Wall) – Parkour World Record

Farthest Cat Leap Parkour World Record:

The members of pro Parkour team Jestion (from Italy) to attempt the Guinness World Records title for Farthest Distance Lache Cat Leap (bar to wall) Parkour World Record. This was performed by swinging from a bar trying to catch the wall that is meters away. Gian Marco Oddo came out on top successfully on landing breath-taking 4.00 meters (13ft 1.48in) Lache Cat Leap. Also on the set Gian set an amazing record for fastest time to complete a four obstacle Parkour course in 21.74 seconds.

Farthest Cat Leap Parkour World Record

The Parkour course is contain following 4 Parkour Obstacles: 1. 7 bars (to jump over), 2. 2 pairs of obstacle (to double kong vault), 3. a bar and a wall (to lache cat leap),  4. a wall with a hole of pre-determined size and height (to pass through).

Swinging/Lache & Cat Leap:

A Swing Jump or Swinging is activity that is performed by hanging on bar then to jump on another bar being in the air. A swing jumps is one bar to another. It is also known as LACHE. And Cat Leap jump for a distance to go into Cat Grab (climbing on a object in squat position).

Farthest Cat Leap Parkour World Record:

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