Farthest Backflip Off A Wall – Parkour World Record

Farthest Backflip Parkour World Record:

Chase Armitage (Parkour Professional from UK) setup a Parkour World Record of Farthest Backflip Off a wall 3.04 meters (9 feet 11 inches) on the set of Guinness World Records UK Show on 25 March 2009. Chase also went on to break his on record on the set of Guinness World Records Special Show in Beijing on 24 May 2010 with the distance of 3.48 meters (11 feet 5 inches).

Chase is professional Parkour and FreeRunning expert and doing this art from 15 years ago. He is founder of globally well known famous Parkour team 3RUN. Chase has a strong background in Chinese martial arts. Official FB Page

Farthest Backflip Parkour World Record

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An acrobatic flip is movement of body in which person leaps into the air and and rotates one or more time while airborne. Back Flip is a movement used in FreeRunning and Parkour. The word “Backflip” actually refers to many types of flips, but Backflip refers to flip that rotates backward. Backflip have very little use in Parkour Moves and in Parkour Training but it is commonly used by FreeRunners.

Flips can be started from stationary, standing position and they are also commonly executed immediately following another rotational move, such as roundoff and handspring, so as to take advantage of the angular momentum developed in preceding move.

Farthest Backflip Parkour World Record:

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