Difference Between Parkour and FreeRunning

Difference Between Parkour and FreeRunning:

Parkour and FreeRunning are two related but different form of Urban Athletic. In both, practitioners run, climb and jump to move through an area, which is mostly landscape and crowded with obstacles. These two activities share many techniques but there is difference Between Parkour and FreeRunning is that these activities have different goals and philosophies.


FreeRunning is an acrobatic and athletic discipline. The word FreeRunning was coined during the filming of London Jump to present the Parkour to the English-Speaking World. Sometimes its definition is a discipline for self-development, following one’s own way. A kind of demonstration mixing the Parkour techniques and acrobatics to be more spectacular and serve the medias and marketing, but a also a sport. Main principle of Free Running is that one should express oneself by moving rapidly in an environment, there are no limitations on this form in this environment. FreeRunning was invented by Sebastien Foucan. Read more here.

Difference Between Parkour and FreeRunning


Parkour is a training of movement that is developed from Military Obstacle Course. Parkour’s training from Military Course give it some aspects to non-combative Martial Arts. The aim of practitioner is to move fast and efficient from one point to another in difficult environment. Parkour is an activity that can be performed alone or with others or in group. Parkour involves seeing an environment in new way and imagining the possibilities of navigating by Around, Across, Through, Over and Under. Parkour founder is David BelleRead more here.

Difference Between Parkour and FreeRunning


FreeRunning and Parkour share a common origin. Many specific techniques of jumping and climbing exist in both activities. Both also emphasize awareness of environment. Traceurs  and FreeRunners operate in similar environments. Often, organizations are involved with both.


The main difference between Parkour and FreeRunning is one and it is philosophy. Philosophy of Parkour is more utilitarian than FreeRunning. In 2007 David Belle said: “Parkour should be useful, calling it a very different mind-set from just doing things to look good“. At the other side FreeRunning has more playful and performance-oriented philosophy: “flips and jumps can be a form of self-expression. The individual desires and can be considered more important than strict rules“.

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