Best and Top 10 FreeRunners and Parkour Traceurs

Top 10 FreeRunners:

Parkour and FreeRunning are two related but different form of Urban Athletic. In both, practitioners run, climb and jump to move through an area, which is mostly landscape and crowded with obstacles. Here are Top 10 FreeRunners and Parkour Tracers (Parkour Athletes) names that do it passionately.

Top 10 FreeRunners


FreeRunning is an acrobatic and athletic discipline. The word FreeRunning was coined during the filming of London Jump to present the Parkour to the English-Speaking World.


Parkour is a training of movement that is developed from Military Obstacle Course. Parkour’s training from Military Course give it some aspects to non-combative Martial Arts.

Here is the list of Top 10 FreeRunners and Best Parkour Athlete that do Parkour and FreeRunning to their best. <3

1. David Belle:

He is the inventor of the modern Parkour. Read More Here: About David Belle.

Top 10 FreeRunners

2. Sebastien Foucan:

He is the founder of the today’s FreeRunning. Get know more about Sebastien.

Top 10 FreeRunners

3. Dimitris Kyrsanidis:

His passion for Parkour and FreeRunning made him best. Watch Dimitris Latest Parkour Video.

Top 10 FreeRunners

4. Pasha Petkuns:

He is super creative and nobody can touch him.

Top 10 FreeRunners

5. Tim Shieff:

He is a beast.

Top 10 FreeRunners

6. Victor Lopez:

He is the inventor of Dash Bomb and best FreeRunner.

Top 10 FreeRunners

7. Jason Paul:

He has better incompatibilities than others. Watch Jason Latest Parkour Video. Somethings you don’t know about Jason are Here. 🙂

Top 10 FreeRunners

8. Anan Anwar:

He is Thai Popstar and FreeRunner and most influential inn these days. Read more bout Anan: Here

Top 10 FreeRunners

9. Cory DeMeyers:

He has crazy skills of grabbing and best tricker out there.

Top 10 FreeRunners

10. Jesse La Flair:

He the best FreeRunner arround the world from his YouTube account. Read More: About Jesse.

Top 10 FreeRunners

11. Damien Walters:

He is the best gymnast and FreeRunner and soon going at no. 1.

Top 10 FreeRunners

12. Ryan Doyle:

He is also a good and creative FreeRunner after breaking his leg. Lol 😛

Top 10 FreeRunners

13. Erik Mukhametshin:

He is the guy with biggest tricks.

Top 10 FreeRunners

14. Katie McDonnell:

She is awesome and inspiring female FreeRunner and known in best FreeRunner in the world and Ninja Warrior UK 2015 Finalist. Read More: About Katie.

Top 10 FreeRunners

15. Kie Willis:

He is the passionate FreeRunner from his age of 8 years old.

Top 10 FreeRunners

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  1. I really consider that some good traceurs from spain can be there. Some of them like Shifer or Cosmin Marius, from WHAT! and JotaMowlyColor from LR

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